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About Michael Neveux

photographer michael neveux

> Michael Neveux has been an award winning, professional, commercial photographer for 35 years. His wide ranging talents have enabled him to shoot food, fashion, products, sports, fitness, and architecture. A few of the companies he’s worked for include: Warner Brothers, Toyota, Arrrowhead, Pioneer, and Baskin Robbins. You can see his full range of work at MichaelNeveuxPhotography.com. 

> One of the most published photographers in the fitness industry, Michael’s images have appeared on over 1500 magazine covers and seen in every form of printed media including posters, books, magazines, calendars advertisements, product packaging and videos. His work has been seen in Sports Illustrated, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscular Development, Fitness Rx for Men, Fitness Rx for Women, Inside Fitness,  and countless international fitness magazines. His photography and design was also featured in a coffee table book entitled The Art of Muscle.

> He's photographed the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Lou Ferrigno, and every significant professional bodybuilder and fitness personality, both male and female, since 1980. 

> He was Joe Weider’s main photographer for Muscle & Fitness and Flex magazine from 1980 - 1987 and in that year he became co-owner and publisher of Iron Man Magazine - the oldest bodybuilding/fitness magazine (originating in 1936). He was the creative director for Iron Man, coordinating the look and the production of the magazine for 28 years. He also created SPLAT magazine - a visually exciting paintball publication that set a new standard for that industry - which ran for five years. 

> What Michael brings to the table is more experience than virtually anyone in the fitness industry, as well as an incredible (and legendary) 8000 sq. ft. studio with a complete 1600 sq. ft. gym. He has the ability to produce any type of content (including video) necessary for the success of the magazine, its website, and its associated social media outlets.


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